Service: Construction
Project: Commercial
Date: 2016

This beachfront property combines poured concrete, locally sourced wood and thoughtfully-chosen Mexican art. With an ocean view, private bathroom patios, large terraces, al fresco dining and a black tiled infinity pool perfect for reflecting while watching the sunset— this place lends itself
for hedonistic tendencies.

This 10 room Design Hotel is where the mountains and Pacific intersect in the sun soaked paradise of Troncones. Chickens are not the only thing that runs free in this sun-soaked paradise. Here serenity reigns supreme and nothing detracts from the hotel’s main spotlight: a three-mile-long stretch of beach away from the hustle and bustle. Bordered by nature with coconut palms on one side and a world class surf break on the other, you might not ever want to leave this luxe little hideaway.

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