Playa Fiesta

Located on the beachfront of Playa Larga,
Playa Fiesta is a private residence that
doubles as an event party venue.

Inspired by Mesoamerican temples and pyramids, Playa Fiesta boasts a large hosting area on the second floor, and an underground passage system that connects the mountains to the oceans on the first.

Service: Architectural Design, Construction

Project: Private Residential

Date: 2016


La Casa MX

La Casa MX is a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom
house that was converted to a boutique bed 
& breakfast by the creatives at Howl x LOOT.

Built for the modern traveller with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, this converted property features 2 pools, a common area for al fresco dining and workspace, with four levels of rooms.

The layout naturally creates a quiet and serene environment with just the right amount of privacy, perfect for corporate & yoga retreats, brand photoshoots, families, and destination weddings.

As of March 2018, the previous owners have taken back operations of the property.

Service: Rennovation, Construction

Project: Boutique Air BnB

Date: 2017

Photography: Grant Puckett, Kat Reynolds

MUSA Mezcal

The taste of MUSA.
A hearty ritual, spiritualised by its historic origins from the earth. From the elusive Coyote Agave; this limited batch of MUSA mezcal reflects a smokey entry and smooth finish, followed by notes of minerality and rich dark chocolate that’s expertly crafted for sipping.

Produced in collaboration with Zihuatanejo-based and female-owned Mano y Corazon, MUSA’s mezcal is an exploration into the heart of the region for a signature spirit enjoyed by all at MUSA, spawning days and nights of lively conversation, heated dance, and innovative design, making it creativity’s choice.

Service: Packaging Design

Project: MUSA

Date: 2022

Team: Alexandra Regehr, Fernando Peña, Cris Mancilla

Photography: Lover Lover

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